I proudly offer a myriad of resources, products and services that are the tools of my trade. Once we develop a strategy, I help you implement the right resources to get you where you need to go, now and in the future.

My approach

I take a measured, professional approach that is based on years of experience and has proven to be most effective in helping my clients reach their financial goals and objectives.

Step 1: Full-scale needs analysis. We sit down and talk. I find out everything I need to know regarding your finances, business, other financial services you may be using, insurance… the complete picture.

Step 2: Strategic development. I then dig in, use my experience, qualifications, and multitude of resources available to create recommendations and provide solutions that are the right fit for your goals and needs.

Step 3: Recommendations. We will meet to go over the recommendations and answer any questions. We'll address concerns. We may adapt the recommendations based on our conversation. The bottom line is we'll work together until we finalize a strategy that can meet your short-term and long-term goals.

After your strategy is implemented, I don't stop there. I keep you updated. After all, changes in life happen. Events like job loss, unexpected medical bills, and other unforeseen circumstances will impact your finances. That's why your strategy should periodically be fine-tuned and adapted to meet those challenges.