Working Together

Talking about finances—whether it's personal or business—is never easy. I do whatever is necessary to help ease that anxiety. It's important that you are comfortable. Whether you want to meet in-person or online, the choice is yours. I'm happy to come to you, or we can meet on Zoom. Your preference! It's also very important that there is a mutual trust. Remember, my goal is the same as yours—to help you succeed.

The right fit. The first thing we need to do is determine if we are right for each other. That means getting together for a chat where we can see if your goals and aspirations align with my qualifications and offerings.

Questions, questions, questions. I take great pride in keeping you informed and making sure you understand everything we talk about. If you have a question, please ask. It works both ways. To develop truly comprehensive, customized strategies, I'll need to ask questions, too. Lots of them. Transparency is vital for both of us.

You're in control. I will analyze your needs, make suggestions, and supply all the information but every decision is completely up to you. Whether you are working, are ready to retire or anywhere in between in your life stages, it's about you financial future, you will call the shots.

Preparing for whatever. Changes in life and business happen constantly. It's vital we develop financial solutions that can be adapted to those changes. I will need to get a sense from you on what those changes could be, everything from growing families and college education to retirement and downsizing. That way, we can strategize and prepare you financially.